Who We Are

Who We Are

Nigeria a country where extreme contrasts of wealth and poverty coexist in everyday life, we hear hopeful stories of Nigeria’s rise and rapid growth. Yet millions of people – about half of the people in the country – live on less than 1000 naira per day in Nigeria.

The True religion Charity Foundation has built on this vision and is trying to create countless opportunities for Nigeria’s poor to live successful, productive lives while creating impactful change at an unprecedented scale. We aim at changing the lives of more than 5 million of Nigeria’s less fortunate.

From the very beginning, our founding members understood that the sheer magnitude of the task ahead would require the collective will, knowledge, and participation of all sectors in society. By engaging with a staggering range of stakeholders from young Entrepreneurs and leading philanthropists to grassroots NGOs and government agencies, True religion charity foundation has evolved to be more than a philanthropic organization over the last couple of months – it has become a social ecosystem designed upon principles of trust, transparency, and partnership, bringing people from all walks of life together in a movement to better whole communities and transform Nigeria into a more open, equitable, and vibrant democracy. In order to meet Nigeria’s long-term development challenges, we’ve realized the need to be responsive, open, and adaptable to rapidly changing needs on the ground and listen closely to the voices that often go unheard. TRCF’s programs have an emphasis on inclusive models that focus on the unique needs of girls and women to achieve gender equity as a basis for sustainable change.

Even though our solutions are intended to create large-scale change across the country, they begin and end with real people. A young child forced to drop out of school and toil for eighteen hours a day, hawking gala on the street and walking for miles every day to fetch and carry water on her head for the family within a makeshift tent. An impoverished family migrating to a big city in search of opportunity. The husband and father of five children with no option but to take up a menial job as a transit operator, subject to exploitative conditions, bribery, and harassment.

You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals like these. We invite you to get involved, learn more about their stories and our approach to creating lasting impact for the less fortunate in Nigeria.

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